6 Months Free Website Hosting
Get 6 months of website hosting Free with the setup of any domain name (.com, .net, .org) website plan. Only $2.95/ month thereafter*.
Non-Domain Name Website
Website URL/Web address is a sub-directory of PageWeb.com
ie;   http://www.pageweb.com/your-account-name/
Free Domain Name Registration or Transfer
Register any new domain name (.com, .net, .org) or transfer any exsisting (.com, .net, .org) domain name currently registered in your name for Free.
EzSite-5 Website Creation System
Fill out simple on-line forms to easily create your 5 page website. (Upgradeable to 15 or 25 pages)
The rotating photo feature allows you to display up to 60 photos per webpage.
This system automatically creates and additional Spam-Proof Contact form for you.
By far Easiest way to create a website!
Uploading your Photos and Images could never have been easier!
Simply point and click to upload your photos, images, sound files, etc..
Part of the EzSite Website Creation System.
Spam-Proof Forms
Say good-bye to spam mail!
Spammers can't email you because your email address is not located anywhere they can get there hands on it!
Auto-Bots can't spam you because a randomly displayed security code must be mannualy entered in order for your form to be accepted for submission!
50 megs of Disk Space
More than enough disk space to accomodate your 5 page website with up to 300 photos. (Upgradeable to 500 megs or unlimited disk space).
Unlimited Data Transmission
Got a popular website? No problem! Unlike many other website hosting companies, we Never Charge Extra for a popular website!
Unlimited POP Email Accounts
If you want to look professional set up an email addrees consistant with your domain name!
For Example:   info@yourdomain.com   or   sales@yourdomain.com   etc..
Set POP email accounts allow you to retrieved your messages using your favorite email client software such as Microsoft Mail, Outlook, Eudora, etc..
Set up as many POP email accounts as you like.
Unlimited Email Forwards
If you want to look professional but would like to retreive your messages from one email account then set up an email addrees consistant with your domain name and have it forwarded to any email account you desire!
For Example: Email sent to addresses such as   info@yourdomain.com   or   sales@yourdomain.com   etc..
can be forwarded on to any email address you desire such as myemail@yahoo.com, myemail@gmail.com, myemail@aol.com, etc..
Set up as many email forwards as you like.
EzWebmail allows you the freedom to send and receive email from any computer with a web-browser.
EzMan File Manager
EzMan File Manager is a web-based file managment system. Using your web-browser you can create, edit, move and copy as many webpages as you need with it's easy to use WYSWG editor and file management system. Create new directories/folders, password protect directories and more. . .
Create as much content as you like!
FTP Account
An FTP Account allows you to create your website on your local computer using most any software you choose and then upload those files to your website.
Create as much content as you like!
FrontPage Extensions
Another great way to create and maintain your website of any size.
FrontPage Extensions allows to take advantage of the powerful features of the Microsoft website development software "FrontPage".
Create as much content as you like!
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Web Site Hosting Service

Easy Basic Website Plan

Our Easy Basic Website plan is our lowest cost plan. This plan is perfect for those who desire a presence on the world wide web and only require a small website to do so.  

Enter the Domain Name for your website & click the [ Order Now ] button.
The domain name can be any new ".com, .net or .org" domain name or an exsisting ".com, .net or .org" domain name that is currently registered in your name.
New domain name orders should
Check The Availability Of The New Domain Name before submitting this order form.

Domain Name:    

Your Phone:                              

Easy Basic Website
(5 webpages)
regularly $12.95/mo
  • Non-Domain Name Website
  • EzSite-5 Website Creation System
  • EzPhoto Upload System
  • Free Spam-proof Contact Form
  • 50 Megs Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transmission
    Price Description
    $0.00 One Time Setup
    $35.40 Website Hosting (1st year)
    $35.40 Total Due Today
  • * 1st years website hosting


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