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About Us is a Web Presence Provider(WPP) and a Registration Service Provider(RSP) specializing in Web Site Hosting, Domain Name Registration,complete eCommerce web hosting Solutions and Web Site Development!

Providing inexpensive web site hosting, domain name website hosting, complete eCommerce web hosting solutions and website development services since 1995.

Fairness & Value For Your Dollar's pricing schedule is designed to be fair to all customers yet still provides adequate resources for expansion.

Unlike most hosting companies who tout a long list of features/services provided with their web sites, many of which the average user will never use, yet are still paying for.'s web site hosting services are based on the principal that you pay only for what you need.

If you merely wish to post a few webpages then you should not be forced to pay $40 or $50 per month or more to subsidize the PowerUser who is utilizing more system services/resources. Our most popular Domain Name Web Site Hosting Plan is a modest $11.95/month for 50 megabytes of disk space. Generally a 100 megabyte website is more than adequate for most users. Of course you can always add-on more disk space if needed.

If you are not quite a PowerUser but do have a need for a few additional features such as a Shopping Cart System, Secure Forms, Bulletin Board System, More Diskspace" etc., no problem! offers these items as add-ons to your website. As add-on features utilize more system services/resources, you will pay a modest fee for only the additional system services/resources used by the particular features you select.

If you are a PowerUser who requires the features afforded by your own cgi-bin, MySQL Database, PHP4, etc... No Problem! Simply sign up for our PowerUser Website Hosting Plan.

Now That's Fair!

Fast & Dependable
We have combined a winning combination of the latest proven Operating System & Server Software with one of the fastest PC hardware configurations available and served it all up through a fast dependable internet connection.

Unlike many other website hosting companies, we pay careful attention is to our bandwidth utilization & response times to webs site ratio. We do not overload our circuits or servers by tying to cram as many web sites as possible on to them. If more bandwidth is need... we get it! If additional servers are required... we build them!

The results. . . your web site is displayed fast! fast! fast!

Maximum Up Time

  • Our UPS, battery backup systems and generators are standing by in case of power failure.!

  • Our standby servers & routers are ready to go at a moments notice in case of equipment failure!

  • Redundancy upon redundancy assures your website is up and running!

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